Sunday, April 15, 2012

Mikoto Misaka (Trial)

 Ozine Day 3 (4-15-2012)

arrived at the event hall by 5 pm and finished dressing up by 6pm. 
So many FAIL on my cosplay -___-

Le wig 
I can't find any wigs similar to Misaka's so i decided to purchase this one from MoiichitseParadise., and styled/cut it on the spot with the help of my Kuroko (Gelaii Ayanami)

Fail list:
1. Style the wig with wax
2. Wear my brown contact lens *forgot to remove the green lens that i was wearing when i arrived
3. Change the color of my eyebrows *forgot to bring my make up kit -___-
4. Will buy new hairpins *dropped it somewhere
5. Shorts *buy new one?
6. Shoes!! * gawd! it's hard to find those kind of shoes help me -____-
7. and last but not the least., work on Misaka's annoyed expression @____@

Thursday, April 05, 2012

Planning to Cosplay Oriana from L.O.L.

So i've been eyeing these Oriana (Splash Version) for months now. but seems to me that it will be SO hard to pull off. Although I already have most of the materials to make it. but am still lacking some. :/

and then i found some custom made skins by her cool fans..

By: Rita
which *FOR ME looks a lot better *in the eye* than the true Splash skin..

and then i posted and asked some of my friends., BUT THEN they don't want it


and want me to do these instead.. The Blade Craft Skin Version

which seems to be WAY cooler than the rest of her skins., but looks like more people will want to cosplay her aswell., and i don't really want Kagebunshins xDD

oh well. will have to think about it thoroughly.

Ben Nye 3D effect kit - updating blog :)

I'm so happy about these Ben Nye Kit that I ordered online., that i've decided to make a review out of it :) here's the contents *after i've used them :D

Ben Nye Nose & Scar Wax 1oz / 28gm

It's so sticky!!!! Be careful when using it. My advice for you is to use the butter knife when applying it. and then use your finger tips in blending/flatting it into your skin

2 sponges :)
Ben Nye Charcoal Pencil
use it when applying the Stage Blood and the wheel effects kit
I have yet to know what this is for.

Ben Nye Spirit Gum (Matte Adhesive) 25 fl oz. / 7ml
The Lid has a brush attached to it for easy application
apply this first before applying the nose and scar wax.

Spirit Gum Remover 5fl.oz / 14 ml
Ben Nye Stage Blood 5fl. oz / 14 ml
I really love Le Stage blood. it looks so real. <3
ahm in regards with the "Mint Flavor" ? I haven't tasted it yet xD

Ben Nye Liquid Latex 1floz/29ml
The Lid has a brush attached to it for easy application

Ben Nye WK-45 Character wheel special effects.
It's not powder base and i love how it can be easily applied onto skin :)

Following these instructions on the back of Le cover..

 I've managed to do the first trial of wound/scar :D
VIOLA!! please excuse me for being noob in regards of using the kit. I will do my best and practice more. :)

BTW i only used the kit to pull this off. and nothing more :)

Want one? you can contact them via email:

here's their website
Facebook page:
The Style Quarter

and their mobile number: +63 918 2699181

regarding the price :D
ask them directly. but don't expect it to be cheap though

and you will receive your package 2-3 weeks after their cut-off

SO there you go! 

Thank you for viewing my post :)

Next time., i will post my step by step procedure on making Le fake wound xD

here's my pages

cheers! :)

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Alice: Madness Returns (Hattress DLC)

 Will post WIP pictures on how did i make Le Costume of Hattress from Alice: The Madness Returns

if i have so much free time :))